Other Classes


A class focused on teaching the foundations of cheerleading. Students are taught cheerleading skills and floor tumbling. Whether or not your child is a flyer or a baser, our cheerleading coaches are happy to help your child develop the skills necessary to join a cheerleading team.

Power Tumbling

This class is focused only on the floor tumbling aspects of gymnastics. No apparatuses are worked on within this class. Students work to develop skills at their own pace. Many students are focused on gaining a backhandspring.

Middle School

This class is recommended for children between 12 and 14 years of age. This class teaches the same skills as any Red, White, or Blue class. Middle schoolers are sorted into groups based on skill level and taught appropriate skills. Your child can expect to work on whatever skills they are most comfortable with. Many students focus on gaining a backhandspring or a backbend kickover.


It is never too late to start! This class is for anyone ages 15 and up, you are more than welcome to join. This is a less structured class where students work at their leisure on skills of their preference. Our coaches work alongside students to improve old skills or learn new skills.


This is an invite only class. Students learn performing and presentation aspects to go alongside their gymnastics skills. There is a focus upon dancing and stunting mixed with showteam style tumbling.

Open Gym

This is a one-hour session to improve old skills or to acquire new skills. Coaches are available to spot on all the equipment. Open gym can be used as make up class if your child misses a class. Anyone is welcome to join the open gym sessions as a walk-in participant.