For ages - Twelve to Fourteen

This is a class designed for middle-school students, no matter what skill level they are. They use all the equipment, and perform at the end of the year show. Think of it as our Red, White, and Blue classes combined, just for older kids who want to be around older kids.

This is performance-based gymnastics, when is the show?

During the month of April all children will perform our end of the year show. They will receive a trophy for participating in the show.

What do we wear?

Leotards for girls, Gym clothes for boys. Gymnasts will go barefoot. All hair must be pulled back and out of the face. Long hair must be in a ponytail. NO midriffs, jeans, pants or buttons allowed.

How do we deal with missed classes (make-ups)?

Gymnasts have 30 days to complete a make-up class. All make-ups must be done before the start of the next session. All make-ups must be done during our open gym class only. This will keep classes consistent and to a low ratio.

Middle School

Stars - Upper Right

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